More than a dozen containers painted in various colors, this project, which is open to migrant children, is as bold in creativity as in action. The staff explained, "once the city planning needs to be relocated, we just need to follow the relocated households to transport the container classroom. wherever the migrant children go, the containers will be transported."

In the process of moving, drifting and even pushing back again and again, these containers can at least allow children to continue to release their dreams of reading and studying under the condition that they often have nowhere to go. It can be said that under the background that the education of migrant children has become the common anxiety of the whole society, the emergence of mobile container classrooms has very positive significance.

1. Position accurately and move close to the service crowd.

2. Strong flexibility and fit the context of urban development.

Such an educational environment may be crude, but it is not simple.

Over the years, our city government has reached a lot of consensus on treating migrant children well. However, through this container classroom incident, the city government should also reflect on it, and there should be many things that can be done and can be done better.

Facing the container classroom, we should not only be moved, but also take some actions. The government, society and even all aspects of the forces should act together to form a torrent of love and responsibility. In this way, the education sky for the children of migrant workers will not be dim and they will be able to obtain the most basic right to education.

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